what do we do? the short answer is: "DOCUMENTS".
Your publications say a lot about you and your business. ImageRe: Digital Works can optimize and integrate text, images, charts, and graphs in informative and attention-grabbing documents for publication. ImageRe: Digital Works can combine your images, graphs, and text in a professional publishing format and make them SHOUT!

We are very proud of the three non-fiction books we have publiahed (see below). One showcases fine photographs by Leonid Bergoltsev; the book on obesity contains many scientific graphs and tables; and the Paul Wolff Bibliography presents historical text and hundreds of references carefully formatted.


We layout brochures, cards, articles and signs as well . We take, manipulate, correct, restore, and print images and we digitize historical information for archiving and presentation. For paper publication, we prepare documents in Adobe InDesign. This program offer maximum flexibility in page design and text and image handling; and files from InDesign are preferred by most commercial printers. Once your document is ready, we can convert it to PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format). With the use of the Adobe Acrobat Reader (available as a free download) the PDF file can be viewed and printed from any computer. It can be sent by email or placed on a CD or other storage media. PDF's are great advertising tools. As an example, you can download a PDF version of an old issue of our local newspaper: Moretown Matters.


We can create images (altered photographs, drawings, special effects, scientific illustrations, and simple animation's). We use the premiere graphics and photo editing software (Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator) to prepare the images that make your story. We can digitize (scan) images from your original drawings or film. We have both flatbed and film scanners. We can optimize images for your intended output.