The Photo Books of Dr. Paul Wolff: an Annotated Bibliography
by Edward S. Schwartzreich (2015)

This is a well annotated bibliography of over 200 publications containing photographs by Dr. Paul Wolff. Until April 2015 PDF copies of the Paul Wolff Bibliography were available at no charge on this web site. The bibliography was published in April, 2015 (updated 2017)and is available from


“Ed Schwartzreich’s meticulous, decades-long research into the published photos of Dr. Paul Wolff has resulted in this annotated bibliography. As one the world’s foremost authorities on this subject, Ed has produced a highly readable and fascinating essential road-map to anyone seriously interested in the work of the original Pioneer of the Leica, Dr. Paul Wolff.”

Bill Rosauer, Editor, Viewfinder, The Journal of LHSA - The International Leica Society

“Ed Schwartzreich is one of the world’s leading authorities on the photographer Dr. Paul Wolff. Over the years though scholarly articles in its magazine Viewfinder, Ed has brought Paul Wolff’s work to the attention of the members of the International Leica Society. His research has helped bring Paul Wolff’s work from the early years of the Leica back into the limelight.”

Tom Abrahamsson, Associate Editor, Viewfinder

“Sie sind ein großer Pionier und haben an der Aufarbeitung der Bücher von Dr. Paul Wolff einen sehr großen Anteil und es freut mich sehr, dass wir gemeinsam das Werk diese berühmten Fotografen aufarbeiten können.”

Thomas Sommer, Director of the Dr. Paul Wolff & Tritschler Historisches Bildarchiv